Arcade Game: Flip & Flop (1983 Exidy/First Star)

A platfrom run ‘n bounce/maze recreation.

This recreation makes use of a Max-A-Flex hardware which is predicated on the Atari 800 eight-bit computer systems. All video games operating on this hardware have been ported directed from the Atari 800.

Flip & Flip Cutscenes (A number of cutscenes has a couple of variations within the arcade model in comparison with the Atari 800 model)
1st cutscene 5:09
2nd cutscene eleven:03
third Cutscene 22:28
4th Cutscene 37:fifty one
fifth Cutscene fifty four:22
sixth Cutscene 1:05:forty nine
seventh & Ultimate Cutscene 1:27:forty one

Notice: Used Invincibility cheat after right down to final life. Additionally skipped a number of repeated ranges. The sport is infinite. After ninety nine ranges, the sport crashes.